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About us

  • Pageson is an online marketplace for local products

    Pageson is an online Marketplace mainly of agri-food products, family production, artisanal, organic or derived products under the umbrella of our philosophy; The Pageson platform is a booster for local trade, it acts as a boost for small and medium businesses, helping to position themselves digitally with more equality compared to larger ones. Pageson is a connector, a space free of conditions that puts at the disposal of sellers and buyers a mutual approach with freedom of decision and the possibility of completing the circuit if desired.

  • Create your free store for direct sales

    We make available to the producers and companies of the first sector, a free space to create their own profile, exhibit and categorize products, define price, method of payment, order management and shipping, and direct contact with the buyer, all of this from of a freemium base and with the freedom to extend it with premium packs.

  • Buy local products

    The consumer user, on the other hand, finds on our platform a centralized space with multiple possibilities to obtain everything he or she wants, discovering what is closest to him, rediscovering products of a lifetime and knowing that the purchase he will make will be direct to the seller . The price paid by the buyer is set by each seller, without intervention by Pageson.

  • How we finance Pageson

    Pageson is a platform endorsed by the software agency Slowcode as its own product and as such, its creation, evolution and maintenance are the responsibility of Slowcode. Most of the services in Pageson are free. However, the sellers have the premium packs to be able to expand their online store if needed. There is also a special space to be advertised in the home section, apart from collaborations on our blog. For those interested, you can contact us through the contact form. All the money Pageson makes is reinvested to continue to make improvements into the platform.

We encourage you to follow us on our social networks, as we will inform you of all the technical improvements that we continuosly incorporate into Pageson and of all the collaborative proposals that we are creating, hand in hand with all of you, in order to drive as many people, brands, homes, and effort as possible behind each product.

Any questions you may have, please check the FAQ section or you can contact us through the contact form. We will be happy for you to be part of Pageson :)