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Frequent Asked Questions


What is PAGESON?

PAGESON is a fresh/handmade nearby products marketplace. We are the connection between the field and you. Tired of products being in hands of many intermediaries before falling in ours, losing its essence along the way, PAGESON offers to its customers, a connection plattform between the field and you to let you know where the products you buy come from. This is how we ensure good quality and fair prices for all.

What can I find in PAGESON?

In PAGESON you can find all the products that your nearby sellers offer. Our customers are not great corporations but workers that produce their own products so we can ensure the quality of them to our customers. The close connection with the seller, will ensure a necessary link that is non existent in big corporations.

Where can I use PAGESON?

PAGESON is available in most of the actual web browsers. Those browsers are also available for mobile and desktop platforms. While you have internet access, PAGESON will be available for you.

I have more doubts. What can I do?

You can contact us through a contact form at the end of this page or from the contact page.

About my account

Can I change my profile information?

Yes, You can modify your information from the personal area inside the PAGESON platform. From there, remember to save the information in order not to lose it.

Can I modify my email address?

Yes, you can modify your email address from the personal area. You will have to verify the new email in order for it to be valid.

I have forgotten my password. what can I do?

You can reset your password from the login page. From there, click on “I forgot my password” and the changes will take effect.

About purchasing

Is PAGESON free?

Yes, PAGESON is totally free for you! You will pay for what you buy. Like we say: “Straight from the fields to your table, and free!”

Can I cancel an order?

In case that the order is not ready yet, you will be able to cancel it from the order detail page. You are able to see your orders from your personal area.

Do you send the order?

If the seller offers the send method, you will be able to receive the order to your own house. As we don’t want intermediaries, we don’t involve ourselves into order logistics. Anyway, we encourage you to meet the sellers. 

Can I pay by transfer/cash?

Nowadays you are able to pay with transfer or cash if the seller offers those methods. If not, you will be able to pay in the methods they offer. From PAGESON we recommend that you pay by cash on your first purchase.

How can I check my order status?

From the orders list and from the order detail list, you can check the status of them. For more details, you can send messages to the seller and check a more detailed information.

About selling

Can I sell in PAGESON?

Yes, from PAGESON you can register yourselves from our personal area.

How long will it take to receive the order?

It depends on the details that the seller told you. From PAGESON we try that you receive your products as soon as possible.

What happens if I set a wrong date?

There is no problem. You can contact your seller and modify the delivery date with no problem. From PAGESON we like a more personalized communication.

What can I sell in PAGESON?

In PAGESON you are able to sell your fresh or handmade products that could fit in our sections. These sections are: Fruits, Vegetables, oil, nuts… We are working hard to include more categories and offer more quality nearby products easily.

Is it free?

Yes, PAGESON is free of charge, and you can have a maximum of three products on sale at the same time. For more products, you can subscribe to a premium package that allows for more products on sale at the same time. Try it out and sell right away!

Can I cancel a subscription?

Yes. If our options don’t suit your needs, you can cancel the subscription as soon as you want. Your account will still be active on the free plan.

How can I manage my orders?

From your personal area, you can see your seller orders and also your buyer orders. From the seller orders you will be able to change your order status as soon as you proceed with the preparation.

Do you offer any sending method?

From PAGESON we don’t involve ourselves in the order logistics. As a seller you can choose any sending method that you want to offer. You can always choose to create a route around your best clients ;) .

How will I receive my payments?

It depends on the payment methods you offer as a seller. You can accept cash or card. As many methods you offer, easier it will be to sell.

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